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The rainfall forecast for the period from 11th to 20th May, 2018 indicates that rainfall activity is expected to relax in the Country over the stretch from Western Lake Victoria , spanning through its Northern parts into Eastern region in Busoga and Teso up to some areas in Karamoja sub-region with the exception of Elgon sub-region and its outlying areas. The reduction in rainfall activity is also expected to affect parts of Lango and Northeastern part of Lake Albert.

The areas anticipated to experience enhanced rains are Rwenzori sub-region, Southwestern and the extreme Northerly part of the Country covering West Nile, Acholi and Karamoja advancing to the border with South Sudan.

The 10-day weather forecast for 11th - 20th May 2018 is detailed in Dekadal bulletin for 1st - 10th May 2018. 

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