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South Western sub-region and Southern Cattle corridor received marginal rainfall in most areas which slightly moderated the dry conditions that had prevailed for so long. By contrast, the highest amount of rainfall received during the period was from Eastern region of 165.2mm at Kiige station and 147.6mm at Kitgum station in the Northern part of the country respectively followed by Serere Agromet weather station in Serere District with a record of 120.2mm of Rainfall.

The rainfall outlook for the period 11th -20th September 2017 indicates that most parts of the country are expected to experience enhanced wet conditions as the steady seasonal rains get established over most areas. The mountainous regions of Rwenzori, Elgon and highland areas of Kigezi are expected to receive more enhanced rains which might result in hazards.

 Dekadal bulletin for 11th - 20th September 2017 has the detailed performance of temperature and water levels in this period as well as the forecast for the next dekadal (21st - 31st July 2017). 

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