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The South Western and Western parts of the country are currently experiencing dry conditions. This has also affected the adjacent districts/areas such as the Lake Victoria in the south west and the central cattle corridor. The highest amount of rainfall received was 183.3mm at Bulengeni rainfall station in Sironko District followed by 118.8 mm and 114.4 mm at Mafana Washing rainfall station in Manafwa District and Gulu weather station in Gulu District respectively. Most parts of West Nile and other areas of Lake Victoria Basin were characterised by minimal rains tending to moderate rain amount (15 to 35 mm). 

Dekadal bulletin for 1st - 10th July 2017 has the detailed performance of temperature and water levels in this period as well as the forecast for the next dekadal (11th - 20th July 2017). 

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