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Overall , the during the period 21st -30th June 2017, there was a reduction of rainfall in performance in most parts of the country and dry conditions were still predominant in south Western, parts of Western, Lake Victoria Basin and in parts of Central. The highest amount of rainfall received was at Buginyanya Agromet Station followed by 63.9 mm and 53.2 mm at Masindi and Arua rainfall stations respectively. South Western region was generally dry with all the 10 observation stations reporting less than 12.0 mm. Marginal to moderate rains were reported in other areas in central, eastern, as well as in most areas of West Nile, Northern and Karamoja region.

Dekadal bulletin for 21st - 30th June 2017 has the detailed performance of temperature and water levels in this period as well as the forecast for the next dekadal (1st - 10th July 2017).  

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