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The main responsibility of the Directorate is to augment Capacity Building and Motivation of Staff in order to promote the role of the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) in all aspects of national, sub-regional and regional planning and political processes. The Directorate undertakes these responsibilities through assisting UNMA staff to:

  1. Continuously develop staff professional skills;
  2. Upgrade staff careers through acquiring higher qualifications;
  3. Ensure staff participate in Specialised training for acquisition of new skills; and
  4. Promote staff skills exchange programmes.

On the other hand, the Directorate also handles research activities in UNMA and the main objectives for carrying out research are mainly to:

  1. Help UNMA grow by supporting the operations of the various Directorates;
  2. Increase the relevance of weather and climate information to the users; and
  3. To develop climate change scenarios and trends for Uganda by meteorologists and forecasters which can be fed into the adaptation and disaster risk reduction strategies of the country.

The Training and Research Directorate is headed by a Director, who reports directly to the Executive Director.